Dogs are man’s best friend and they deserve our love and care. So, it is important to give them the best training and care they need to live a long,

The licking of paws and legs is a behavior that’s usually associated with dogs. It can be part of a ritual, such as marking territory. It can also be a

The shock collar is one of the most effective tools for training your dog. If you are considering getting one, there are several things to consider before making a ...

Dog training is important for many reasons. Having a trained dog can be very beneficial to both the owner and the dog themselves. The benefits of dog training are not
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Dogs scratch the floor for various reasons. They may be trying to mark their territory so other dogs know that they live there. They may also be trying to remove

Dogs bark at night because they are still trying to wake up from their sleep. Dogs also bark at night because of fear. They might see something outside the home,

If you have a dog that loves to swim, you know how important it is to make sure they have a safe place to sleep while in the water. A

The best dog boots for deep snow in winter are padded, waterproof, and warm. They need to be able to keep your dog safe from cold weather as well as

There is a lot of pressure on pet owners after their pets get a surgery. Especially if they have to take time off work or leave their pet in the

Many dogs chew their beds because they are bored, anxious, or don’t feel safe. However, there is one reason that is more common than the others. The number one ...