How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog

An interesting one-liner by Winston Pendelton goes like “The best way to get a puppy is to beg for a baby brother — and they’ll settle for a puppy every time”, and definitely it’s funny, but most probably not really impressive.

So, what’s next? There are surely number of strategies that will make you present your case to reluctant parent in most effective way and get succeeded to add a dog to your family.

You will only say the word DOG, but they might hear it as “Time, disruption of schedules, expense, a loat of extra work, and etc.” So rather just going to them and placing your wish of having a dog, take some time to get prepared.

What you can do is: make an **impressive guide**, using chart sheet, pictures of dogs, the expenses and how you going to fulfill them, the advantages of having dogs, and much more to make them realize that you are taking this whole process seriously.

**Create a Plan of Its Daily Routine**

Whether you get an adult dog or a tinny puppy, he will need training, exercise, potty time, grooming, and last but not the least feeding. You can create a list of daily tasks in that **impressive guide** which you are going to show your parents. In this way, they will know the fact that their child is ready to take responsibility as he/she understands having a well-adjusted, healthy, happy pet.

**Show Parents How You Will Execute** **The** **Plan**

Will you take sacrifice some after-school activities to take care of the dog? Will you get up earlier to take dog on a walk and feed him? Will you clean up after him? Will you train dog or take him to the puppy school?

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Will you clean up all the mess created by him? If you can answer all these questions, so you will gain the trust of parents as many of the families get a dog for the children and end up doing all the work. It will be helpful to convince them when you will show eagerness towards taking care of the pet to some great extent.

**Show Them How Responsible You Are**

So far, all the stuff you said is all about promises and words. However, start showing them how responsible you are towards your words by fulfilling your household tasks, without being nagged to do so. Pick up your room, do the dinner dishes, make your bed, take out the trash, and whatever your responsibilities are. You can also perform some extra household chores to get extra credit.

**Search for the Ways to Help with Expenditure of Dog Ownership**

If you are grown up boy and can handle a part time job, so go for it. And if not, then save as much as you can from your pocket money and birthday money to play your part in taking care of dog’s expenses. In this way, you might not be able to take whole responsibility, but you can play a vital role while sharing expenses with parents.

After you are done with all the strategies we have mentioned above, hopefully your parents will get almost ready to take the dog home. But if you still feel that there is some resistances regarding the decision, then go ahead discussing some other features with them, it will allow you to win their trust completely. And those features include discussions like:

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– What breed of dog will be suitable for your space and family and listen to your parents’ advice attentively and try acting on the same
– Make them realize that how important it is to keep a dog for the safety of house and family members
– Tell them that you will feel more responsible and will develop some incredible saving and time management skills as you will be sharing the expenses and taking care of pet
– Even if it’s needed, don’t hesitate making a contract with your parents regarding who will feed? Who will take the dog for a walk? Who will train the dog or will take him for the training? Who will clean up after the accidents? And much more.

We hope after all these discussions; your parents will surely allow the new family member in the house and that will be none other than your DOG!


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