As dog’s age, it is normal for them to start matting. You will need to find the cause of the matted hair and take care of the problem in order to prevent more matting from happening in the future.

Many people worry about how they can brush their dogs’ fur without causing any more damage. However, there are many different methods you can use to brush their fur without getting hurt or harming your dog’s skin.

How to Choose the Best Training Collar for Your Dog?

You need to consider a few factors before deciding on the best training collar for your dog. The main factors include:

– Price: Which item will be easy on your wallet?

– Durability: Which one is the most durable?

– Dog’s size and breed type: What type of collar will fit your pet best?

– Comfortable for dog and owner: What will be easier to use with less hassle for you and your pet?

– Training methods included in the product is a bonus factor which can help ease training.

Reasons to Chose a dog Flat Collar over a Rolled Collar

There are many benefits to buying a flat collar over a rolled collar for your dog. The dog’s health will benefit from not having the loop around their neck, and you’ll no longer have to worry about the collar getting caught on anything. Flat collars also offer more freedom of movement for your pet.

Why Your Dog’s Coat Gets Matted — and What You Can Do About It

Dogs shed their winter coat in springtime, and they will often get matted fur if they have not been groomed properly.

Mats can be caused by a number of factors, including improper brushing and bathing, excess air drying, loose hair that has been allowed to mat together, or long hair that is tied up too tightly. Dog owners should take the following steps in order to avoid this issue: brush your dog at least once a day with a firm bristle brush, bath them as needed with water from the sink rather than from the tub so that it doesn’t become too wet and slick (this will help prevent mats), If your dog has recently had its hair cut, use a slicker brush to untangle mats that form on the coat. Avoid pulling out knots and never tie their hair up, as this could lead to discomfort.

1- CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar, Soft Padded Round Puppy Collar

The CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar, Soft Padded Round Puppy Collar is perfect for any type of dog. This collar is a beautiful design with a classic look which can be used with any kind of outfit.

The CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar, Soft Padded Round Puppy Collar has a durable design that your dog will love wearing. It also has an adjustable size so you can fit it to your dog and it won’t slip off during activity.

This collar features soft padding for the comfort of your pet and leather material that can withstand the wear and tear of your pet’s daily activities.

CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar, Soft Padded Round Puppy Collar, Handmade Genuine Leather...
  • [ From Small Puppies to Grown Dogs ] – This dog collar for small dogs & big dogs comes in a variety of sizes. This soft dog collar is designed to fit dogs with a neck size of 12-15 Inch, width is 3/5". Please measure and reference the sizing chart below before purchasing for optimal fit.
  • [ Prevents Tangling ] – Our rolled leather dog collar is made from genuine soft leather for maximum comfort and longevity. Rolled leather collars are groomers’ standard recommendation for breeds with long hair. Classic flat collars leave skin tags on the neck of your puppy. Rounded leather dog collars help with matting.
  • [ Durable Soft Comfort ] – This leather rolled-rope dog collar was made to last; The heavy-duty buckle and D-ring won't bend or break. Plus, the comfortable rolled leather collar is thin enough to fit any name tag. Handmade leather dog collars and puppy collars is a perfect combination of style, high quality and comfort. These leather collars for adult dogs as well as puppies are comfortable, pliable, light and elegant.
  • [ A Color for Every Canine ] – These leather dog collars come in pink, orange, black, red, green, purple, blue, white, and more. Pick a leather collar that fits your fur baby's personality. Our collars are so light they will make your dog act like kids with new sneakers that make them run faster and jump higher Our leather collars for dogs are perfect for daily use.
  • [ Company you can trust ] – Our company believes in attention to detail and traditional craftsmanship. We have been making high-quality leather dog collars for dogs since 2010, and have a wide range of other products for your pup.Browse our Collardirect store for matching leashes and more in the same leather and color you chose.

2- STÙNICKs a Bark Collar – Dog Bark Collar with Intelligent Bark Control, Effective Sound

It’s not that easy to train a dog to stop barking. Some dogs just don’t know any better, and if you’re not home to supervise, they will continue to bark until the neighbors call animal control.

We wanted to create a bark collar that would be effective for both pet owners and their dogs. Our team used voice recognition software to analyze each sound your dog makes, and then use it as an indicator of whether the dog is barking or not. The collar also has a microphone so you can talk with your pet even when you’re busy doing something else – like working from home or watching TV in the living room. We believe our product will be more effective than other bark collars in terms of both noise reduction and human-canine interaction.

3- Coastal Pet Circle T Oak-Tanned Rolled Leather Dog Collar

This is a dog collar that can be personalized by selecting your choice of colors and text. The handcrafted collar features a rolled edge, which provides a comfortable fit and can be easily tucked under your furry friend’s chin.

Coastal - Circle T - Oak Tanned Leather Round Dog Collar, Black, 1" x 18"
  • Offers rich color that becomes even more beautiful with age.
  • Made from full-grain leather and is vegetable tanned using tree bark.
  • Perfect for dogs with long hair or sensitive skin.
  • Will not mat hair.
  • Premium craftsmanship is made to last for years.

4- Country Brook Petz – Martingale Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar

In this article, the author explains which collars are best for different types of dogs. They also provide reviews, photos and product specifications.

Different dog collars have different purposes. For example, a Martingale collar is suitable for dogs that pull on their leash when they see something interesting or potentially risky. This type of collar helps prevent this behavior by creating a snug fit around the neck area and making it difficult to slip out of the collar.

What is the difference between a Martingale Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar and a regular nylon dog collars?

A Martingale Collar is made up from two pieces of fabric that are joined together at one end and that loops through your dog’s head. It is a collar designed to make sure your dog only pulls on the collar and not the hand holding it.

Country Brook Petz - Martingale Heavyduty Nylon Dog Collar (Medium (Pack of 1), Black)
  • Be sure to use our martingale sizing chart for the most accurate fit. (Use the true “snug” measurements)
  • NO BUCKLE | Martingale-style collars give you gentle control over your pet. Designed for training purposes, this collar slips over the head and tightens when pulled. Traditional Martingale style collars do not feature a buckle.
  • Personalize your pup with rich, fashionable colors and mirror like metal hardware. The classic style of this collar looks cute on both boy and girl dogs. Our unique collars will give your pup character.
  • Silky soft nylon webbing means your dog will stay comfy. Adjustable so you can have the perfect fit. Colorfast dye means this collar won't fade or run when wet.
  • Made in the U.S.A. with nickel plated steel hardware for superior strength; won't break or fray as easily as plastic collars. Not for tie out.

5- C4 Equestrian Dog Collars – Black Stitches – Waterproof & Guaranteed for Life

C4’s 5-C4 Equestrian Dog Collars are perfect for the outdoors. They are waterproof and guaranteed for life.

One of the most difficult things about owning a dog is keeping them safe during walks. One accessory your dog should have on all walks is a good quality collar to protect their neck in case they get tangled in something, like a tree or something else.

The C4 Equestrian Dog Collar has an extra wide front strap that covers more surface area than other collars and will ensure that your dog will always be protected even if he or she runs into dangerous obstacles during their walk. The extra wide strap also makes it easy to buckle and secure the collar around your pet’s neck.

No products found.

6- ADITYNA Leather Dog Collar – Soft and Strong Genuine Leather Collar

The ADITYNA leather dog collar is made of a soft and strong genuine leather material. The colors are simple but give the collar a sense of luxury.

The collar is adjustable so it will fit any dog comfortably. It’s also ideal for puppies since the material is gentle, and it’s not scratchy like other collars on the market.

This collar makes a great gift for any dog lover!

ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Collar for Small Dogs - Small Black Dog Collar - Soft and Strong Dog...
  • BEST CHOICE DOG COLLAR FOR SMALL DOGS with a neck size between 10 to 14 inches; width is ¾ inches; total length of the collar is 16,5 inches. Examples for small dog breeds Yorkshire terriers, cavalier king Charles spaniels, miniature schnauzers, Shih Tzu, Havanese, Pomeranians, miniature American shepherds, Chihuahuas, Maltese. To ensure you'll receive the best-fitted size for your dog please measure his neck before choosing the size and then check the sizing table.
  • TOP-RATED LEATHER DOG COLLAR - comfortable and featuring secure fastening with double buckle, two d-rings, and high-quality leather, the Adityna leather collar is a great option for all dogs including the ones with sensitive skin. Get only premium products for your beloved friend.
  • STYLISH HANDMADE DESIGN - if you’re looking for a dog collar to perfectly fit even the most stylish leather dog leash you are in the right place. This dog leather collar is handmade with only the finest 100% genuine leather. The deluxe gift package also contains an elegant Dog Bow Tie made of genuine leather.
  • IMPROVE YOUR LIFE - get this leather collar for dogs and enjoy a stress-free day by walking your dog without any fear as its strong locking system and ultra-resistant design have successfully passed even the 400lb pulling test.
  • US CUSTOMER CARE PROMISE - your experience with our heavy-duty dog collar is our guideline and we will fully refund your purchase if any complaints arise. No questions, only love! Just contact us directly and we’ll be more than happy to help; add it to your cart now as it comes with a 2 years guarantee.

7- GoTags Dog Collar with Slide-on Dog Tag, Durable Nylon Dog Collar

At first glance, it seems like a simple dog collar with a slide-on tag. However, take a closer look and the tag is actually a keychain. The tag is attached to a loop that you can attach your keys to or use as a leash for your dog.

This tag is extremely durable and comes in different colors, including black, red, purple and blue. This collar also has an adjustable strap that you can use in order to make it fit your pet according to their size.

GoTags Dog Collar with Slide-on Dog Tag, Durable Nylon Dog Collar and Personalized Dog ID Tag...
  • CUSTOM PET TAG AND COLLAR COMBO - Our tough nylon dog collar includes a personalised slide-on pet tag. To see all our pet ID products, click on our brand name GOTAGS above the product listing title.
  • NO NOISY HANGING ID TAGS! Available in various colors and sizes. Mix and match colors. We offer 5 collar choices and 8 tag choices. PLEASE NOTE that we will correctly match the collar size with the suitable tag size.
  • 10 COLLAR SIZES: 6-7.75” inches; 8-9.75” inches; 10-12.25” inches; 12-14.25” inches; 14-16.25" inches; 16-18.25" inches; 18-21" inches; 20-23" inches; 22-25" inches, and 24-27” inches. See product description for additional sizing and width details.
  • ALL GOTAGS DOG COLLARS with a metal buckle have 4 sizing holes and are sized from the first hole to the last. The first hole, the smallest the collar will adjust down to, should fit your pet's neck snuggly; the other 3 holes will allow for a wider, comfort fit on your pet.
  • TO ORDER click CUSTOMIZE NOW. Be sure to complete both the COLLAR SURFACE and TAG SURFACE when customizing your order. Collar color options include: Red, Blue, Pink, Black, Orange. Pet tag color choices include: Red, Blue, Purple, Gold, Pink, Green, Black, or Stainless Steel. Pet tag text includes up to 4 lines of personalisation.

8- Country Brook Petz – Premium Nylon Dog Collar with Metal Buckle

This is a premium nylon dog collar with a metal buckle.

The design of this collar is made for small to medium size dogs. It also comes in black and red color.

This collar features an adjustable head strap, which allows for a perfect fit to your dog’s head size. This also makes it easy to put the collar on and take it off without worrying about damaging any fur or skin.

Country Brook Petz - Premium Nylon Dog Collar with Metal Buckle - Vibrant 22 Color Selection (Large,...
  • 1 INCH | Adjustable from 16 in - 22 in. Always measure for correct size. Measure around your dog (with string or tape measure) snugly where you want the collar to lay. See our convenient size chart.
  • 22 COLOR OPTIONS | Personalize your pup with 22 rich, fashionable colors and mirror like metal hardware. The classic style of this collar looks cute on both boy and girl dogs.
  • MADE IN THE U.S.A. | Built in the U.S.A. with aluminum and stainless steel hardware for superior strength these collars won't break or fray as easily as plastic collars. Colorfast dye means this collar won't fade or run when wet. Not for tie out.
  • WORN LIKE A HUG | Silky soft nylon means your dog will stay comfy.
  • QUESTIONS? | Have questions about a Country Brook Design product? Give us a call before ordering and we will be happy to help you with the process. Our friendly customer service department are here to answer any questions you may have! (256)974-0700

9- C4 Equestrian Dog Collars – Barn Dog – Waterproof & Guaranteed for Life

9- C4 Equestrian Dog Collars – Barn Dog – Waterproof& Guaranteed for Life

Bucking the trend of fashion, these collars are designed to keep dogs cool and comfortable while they’re on the job. Their revolutionary design also allows them to be a perfect fit for every breed of dog.

A lot of pet owners forget that their furry friends are working animals. They might think their dog spends most of its time lounging around, but in reality, it’s hard work outside. Dogs need water to stay hydrated and cool, as well as comfortable, in order to stay healthy and at their best. With these collars, you can be sure your dog is well taken care of while out on a long walk or even at the barn all day.

C4 Premium Dog Collar – Eco Friendly, Comfortable, Easy to Clean, Water and Stink Proof, Designed...
  • NO MORE SMELLY COLLARS – C4 collars are odor proof. The collar's material helps prevent things that are unhealthy for your dog & generate really bad odors.
  • SUPER COMFY - Though sturdy and durable, C4 Collars are pliable, light weight, and ergonomically designed so they are super comfy and a pleasure for your pup to wear.
  • PUP PERSONALITY - Find the collar that fits your furry friend's unique personality! These collars from C4 come in a multitude of colors and include vibrant prints with cute statements. You're sure to find the perfect fit for your pupper!
  • 100% WATER RESISTANT & WASHABLE - Your pup can be free to splash and play in the mud to their hearts content! C4 collars can be easily and quickly hand-washed in the sink with light soap. Elastomer; is a similar material to the one used for snowmobile tracks so it is very durable.
  • MADE TO LAST A LIFETIME: The same durable thermo polymer material used in snowmobile treads is used in these dog collars. They’re designed to last a lifetime!

10- NIMBLE Dog Collar Waterproof Pet Collars Anti-Odor Durable Adjustable PVC

This 10- NIMBLE Dog Collar Waterproof Pet Collars Anti-Odor Durable Adjustable PVC, is a high quality pet collar made from durable material. The adjustable design allows you to fit the collar perfectly on your dog.

NIMBLE Dog Collar Waterproof Pet Collars Anti-Odor Durable Adjustable PVC & Polyester Soft with...
  • WATERPROOF and ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: NEW PVC-based coated polyester material is smell-proof, waterproof Anti-Odor durable and easier to clean than regular collars; 100% Environmental Protection, if the collar gets dirty, just wipe it down with a cloth or paper towel and it will be good as new! Give your dogs more Refreshing. Perfect for your beach bound pooch or love water dogs.
  • DURABLE and STRONG: Innovative coated polyester material provides extra durability for even the most active dogs; stands up to all weather and all terrain; can withstand over 750 lbs of max force tension. It is new upgraded to one stable D ring.
  • REFLECTIVE CLOTH STRIPE: High visibility reflective cloth stripe offers added safety and visibility during evening or early morning walks. Give your dogs more safety.
  • COLLAR SIZE: Small (5/8” inch wide by 9.45"-14.17" inches adjustable length); Medium (3/4” inch wide by 11.81"-18.5" inches adjustable length); Large (1" inch wide by 15.35"-24.8" inches adjustable length).
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - No matter you and your dog not like this dog collar or color, no problem, get your money back or instead to a new one!


Do dog collars cause matting? Guide Me

Dogs, especially long-haired or shaggy breeds, can easily mat their fur. For those with short-haired dogs, matting is not a problem. But for those with long hair or long coats, it is very common and can be a real pain in the neck.

There are several ways to prevent matting in both curly and long-haired breeds of dogs. Those include clipping the dog’s coat short before going for walks, as well as using a grooming tool called a deShedding tool to remove mats that have already been formed. But what about if you have an indoor dog? There are products specifically designed to combat matting without having to go outside and do any grooming whatsoever!

How do I stop my collar from matting?

If you find your collar is getting stuck to your shirt, there are a few ways to help keep it from sticking.

If you have a bit of fabric from an old shirt that you can use, place it between the back of your collar and the shirt.

If you don’t have anything else, try using a dryer sheet — they usually come in packs with multiple sheets.

Do leather collars prevent matting?

Leather collars are commonly used to prevent matting. However, it is important to note that they do not stop matting entirely. You should also use a conditioner on your pet’s fur coat as well as brush them regularly.

Do leather collars prevent matting? Yes, they can help in this regard, but they are not the only solution. It is important to use a conditioner and brush your pet’s coat regularly too.

How do I stop my dog from matting?

No matter how much you’re trying to teach your dog not to mat, it happens. So, how do you handle the situation?

There are a few ways to deal with dogs that like to mat. The first is prevention. If you notice your dog is matting before they get too far into it, stop them by using a firm yet calm voice and taking them away from the area they’re in. If this doesn’t work, make sure that their coat is dry and brush through as much of the mats as possible. After brushing, walk away from your dog in a confident manner without saying anything and when they give up and follow you back, reward them with treats or praise.

If this doesn’t work, spray a mixture of vinegar and water on the forgotten items before putting them away.

I’m at a loss and losing my, Why Your Dog’s Coat Gets Matted — and What You Can Do?

Dogs are often left out of the equation when it comes to pet care. That’s why we need to remind ourselves that they require a lot of attention and care as well. When their coats get matted, it might be difficult for humans to figure out what needs to happen.

This is a tough one, but luckily there are several things you can do to help your dog out if they’ve got a matted coat. Just remember that your dog will probably not care for you in the same way if they have mats in their coat.

What is the Difference Between “Round Leather Dog Collars?

Round leather dog collars are designed to make it easier for your dog to wear. They also have a more elegant and formed appearance than the traditional collar.

If you need a collar for your pet, consider buying a round leather collar because they are more comfortable for your pet and easy to clean.

What Your Groomer Wants You To Know About Matting?

There are many people who want to keep their hair long and healthy. However, it is not always easy to maintain your hair. One of the most common problems that many people face is matting of the hair. It can cause a lot of problems like having to wash your hair more frequently, dryness, and breakage. This article will provide you with some useful information on matting so that you will be able to take care of it properly.

Matting happens when long strands or tangles get caught in the surface layer of your hair. The problem can happen because long strands are loose or because hairs are frizzy or curly and don’t move properly so they form into tangles when they dry naturally or after a hot shower when hydrated from the water. When you comb your wet hair,

Is it bad to let my dog wear his harness all day?

If you’re thinking about letting your dog wear his harness all day, I think it’s an excellent idea.

Dogs need to be trained in certain things in order to behave properly. One thing dogs need is the ability to walk with their owner on a leash – and if that’s not possible, then it’s better if they don’t wear a harness at all.

Dogs should never really be allowed to wear a harness all the time because of the risks it poses. If you’re worried about what could happen if your dog wears his harness all day, just make sure he wears it for short periods of time and only when he is training or going out on walks with you.

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